thermal analysis - blackbody radiation

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thermal analysis - blackbody radiation

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my goal is to calculate some effects in cold atoms due to blackbody radiation. Atoms (in a trap) are in ultra-high vacuum in the center of a (mostly aluminum) vacuum chamber. There is air outside the chamber and the chamber is heated in a few points. I have the model of a chamber made in SolidWorks. Now I would like to calculate with Aurora the steady-state temperature distribution on the chamber (particularly on the inner surface) and I think this is possible with Aurora. Then I wolud like to calculate the blackbody radiation from the chamber surface in the place where my atoms are, e.g. on a very small (probe) surface. Is this possible with Aurora? Or do you know any other free software being able to do this?

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Re: thermal analysis - blackbody radiation

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if you heat the chamber directly, you can simulate the steady-state temperature distribution of the inner surface with Z88Aurora. Please note however, that radiation and similar effects are not within the scope of Z88Aurora, so your simulation would pretty much end at the inner surface.

We are not aware of any other freeware that might be able to do this.

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Re: thermal analysis - blackbody radiation

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This sounds like an interesting problem. Perhaps you might get an approximate solution if you were to calculate the steady state temperature distribution on the inside of the container, then average the temperature over the inner surface. At that point assume the wall is a black body emitter and calculate the radiation density in the cavity.

There are a number of criticisms to this scheme. One is that the temperature is not uniform. Another is that the wall is not a black body. However, it is in the interior of a cavity, and generally speaking cavity interiors can usually be treated as if they are ideal black bodies, provided that the interior wall is at uniform temperature. (Black body emission is sometimes studied using emission of radiation from a small window looking into a heated cavity. For various reasons a cavity gives a very good approximation to an ideal black body.) The non-uniform temperature in your system will cause various errors in the calculation scheme outlined above, but the scheme would likely get you reasonably close to the correct answer, provided that the temperature differences on different parts of the interior surfaces are not too different.

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Re: thermal analysis - blackbody radiation

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Hello massmanute,

thank you very much for your feedback. We are aware of the thermo solver's limitations and we will do our best to expand its usability.

Best Regards