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z88aurora import only this file z88i1.txt, z88i2.txt, z88i5.txt
it is necessary to give the thickness and the pressure value

I prefer use z88os

I use triangle to generate mesh

I write a small python program "b18h.py" to generate this file z88i1 z88i2, z88i5, z88elp, z88mat, z88man
I took as a test, a plate with a hole "plan2d"
I tested the program with plate no. 18 and shell no. 24
Apparently the pressure is not considered
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We managed to find the problems.

Plate 18:
The file z88i5.txt was empty. We included a version that works with your project and yields the "same" results as your reference (bear in mind we used a slightly different material). Hint: you can basically use the coi-part of the i1 and swap the element type with the pressure value and put it all in one line.

Shell 24:
The structure definition was wrong. Shell 24 needs to be in 3d and each node has 6 degrees of freedom and also 3 coordinates. So the beginning of the shell24 i1 should look like this:
3 1633 781 9798 0 #AURORA_V2
1 6 +0.000000000000E+000 +0.000000000000E+000 0.0
2 6 +0.000000000000E+000 +1.000000000000E+003 0.0

We hope this helps.

Best regards
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In the user guide,for plate 18 and shell 24 it is written to put 0 in the file z88i5.txt and put in the file z88elp.txt
number of the element parameters
element from element to thichness pressure

It don't follow these guidelines
I put the files with corrections according to your recommendations

Thank you very much for your help

Bests regards

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Dear normandajc,

this cannot work.

Your structure is invalid, there are overlapping nodes which lead to the elements not being connected and thus your structure is underconstrained -> solver error.
Look at the picture attached below (from Z88Aurora, where I imported your structure for better visualization and Excel to find numbers of the overlapping nodes).

# of nodes your structure has: 48
# of nodes your structure needs: 35 (13 too much)

Overlapping nodes (-> only keep one node per group):
6, 17, 23, 33, 39
14, 24,40
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