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vom jli
Dear all,

Is there a way to have Z88OS accept an abaqus .inp file, or a way to translate it into Z88 format? Z88 Aurora seems to accept abaqus .inp files, so I was wondering if there was a way to somehow use that for Z88OS.

Thank you in advance.
vom FViebahn
Hello jli,

your best bet would be to use Z88Aurora to convert the data:
  1. In the bin folder of Z88Aurora open z88enviro.dyn in notepad or similar
  2. Change the following flag to 1: FLAG CONFIRM_SOLVER_START (this will prompt you to start the solver before a calculation, which has the nice effect of keeping the solver input files in your project folder)
  3. Start Z88Aurora
  4. Import .inp in Z88Aurora
  5. If you want you can edit the project
  6. When you are finished, go to solvers and push the "start calculation" button
  7. When promted to start the solver, choose "no"
  8. You can find all OS-compatible input files of your project in your project folder
I hope this helps.

Best regards,
vom jli
Hello Fviebahn,

I tried to follow the instructions, but when I imported the .inp file, it gave the following error log:
+ Mar 27 2015 09:59:52
+ English
+ Z88AuroraV2.0
+ /z88aurorav3/bin/start/temp
+ END_PART: *End Part
+ END_STEP: *End Step
+ NODE: *Node
+ ELEMENT: *Element
+ TET4: C3D4
+ TET10: C3D10
+ HEX8: C3D8
+ HEX20: C3D20
+ BOUNDARY: *Boundary
+ CLOAD: *Cload
+ PRESS: *Dsload
+ NSET: *Nset
+ ELSET: *Elset
+ SSET: *Surface
+ SURF1: S1
+ SURF2: S2
+ SURF3: S3
+ SURF4: S4
+ SURF5: S5
+ SURF6: S6
# More than one element type was found
# Z88Aurora can import only one element type
# Shut down z88inp

What should I do?
vom mz15
Hello jil,

you have different types of elements in the INP. As the log message says only one element type can be imported. So ensure that the INP only have one type of element.

Best regards,
vom jli

If I need to use multiple element types, how would I go about doing this?

Thank you in advance.
vom SHautsch
Hello jli,

you would have to adapt the inp converter or write your own converter in C or Perl (or any other language).

Kind regards,
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