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von astrogianni
Do 27. Feb 2020, 19:18
Forum: Preprocessing
Thema: flow curve setting in material database
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flow curve setting in material database

I need to insert a flow curve for rubber subject to compression.
I cannot understand whether the values of contraction deformation and compression stress must be entered with the negative sign.
can you help me?
Thank you
von astrogianni
Fr 19. Okt 2018, 11:11
Forum: Andere Fragen / Other Questions
Thema: Simulating elastomer
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Simulating elastomer

I have to simulate the behavior of a cylindrical elastomer capsule subjected to compression on one face and confined on its other sides. The simulation, of course, is conducted as non-linear. I don't understand whether the program admits a stress-strain curve of a non-symmetrical type ( an elastomer...