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von AhmedER
So 9. Jul 2017, 09:56
Forum: Z88OS
Thema: Using Z88OS in FreeCAD
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Using Z88OS in FreeCAD

I have been trying to use Z88 as a solver in FreeCAD FEM workbench. I encountered the following error while trying to solve a truss problem. "Multiple beamsections for Z88 not yet supported!" Is this feature being developed? Can I help is developing it? If so, then where can I find any developer wik...
von AhmedER
Fr 7. Jul 2017, 22:49
Forum: Z88OS
Thema: Adding to Z88OS source code
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Adding to Z88OS source code

I was wondering if there is any wiki/forum/guides...,etc specifically made for developing Z88OS.

PS is there a way to turn forums website language to English?